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Web-based close call launched by high voltage network provider

RJ Power Group, the specialist electrical contractor, is pleased to announce the launch of their web based Close Call System – Don’t Walk By. The system developed allows the railway contractor to use an online reporting tool, which can be used to input close call events and to share this collective knowledge around the industry for everyone’s benefit.

The Close Call System was launched to enable the rail industry to record and manage conditions and behaviours that, under different circumstances, could have led to injury or harm. This information is then used to mitigate risk and understand broader safety issues. This system allows RJ Power Group to drive improvements in safety culture and safety performance, not just in rail, but also throughout their business.

‘Don’t Walk By’ the principals:


  • Do look around your work space for potential hazards
  • Do take responsibility to resolve close call situations
  • Do report all close calls – however small
  • Do encourage and educate others to report close calls
  • Do request feedback when you have reported close calls
  • Don’t accept that your working environment can’t be improved
  • Don’t walk by and do nothing!
  • Don’t give in to peer pressure – report it!
  • Don’t assume somebody else will deal with it – take responsibility!

Rail Business Director, Mike Wakeford commented:

“Evidence shows that for every major incident there are many events of a far less serious nature. In different circumstances and without vigilance, these ‘Close Calls’ could have ended up being more serious accidents.

“By spotting and reporting Close Calls early, injuries can and will be prevented.

“It is our collective responsibility to harness this daily information and encourage our staff through education to improve their lives, the lives of their fellow workers and also the wider rail contracting and power networks industries that we are part of.”


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