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Using technology to improve efficiency in RJ Power Networks

The RJ Power Networks team is in the process of rolling out a new electronic system to assist with the efficient and accurate delivery of job-related documents.

Delivered through a web-based solution from a company called Klipboard, the team will be able to complete documents electronically whilst working on client sites to ensure the timely delivery of task-related information – eventually eliminating the need for the teams to hand write them first or travel back to the office for completion of paperwork.

Klipboard is an expert at helping to organise and streamline field service management by saying goodbye to paper-based methods. RJ Power Networks is using Klipboard’s web-based platform to create and develop a number of electronic forms to be used for tasks such as audits, maintenance reports, site inspections and surveys.

The first training session for the system was recently held and the current focus is on creating a full suite of Networks-ready documents in an electronic format. Once fully introduced, the system will allow documents to be completed electronically even when the user does not have an internet connection. The user will then have the ability to upload documents once connection is established, which will provide instant accessibility to the office team as soon as they are uploaded.

This new way of working will provide a wide range of benefits to the business including some reductions on our carbon impact, with less paper use and printing, and a reduction in fuel consumption as the teams will not need to travel back to the office purely to submit paperwork. The system will also remove the need to type up handwritten documents and will allow instant access to job packs for the office team, which will make our processes more time efficient and reduce duplication. These benefits will be passed onto the client, improving their overall experience with documents such as maintenance reports arriving much faster.

The team looks forward to using the system and continuing to develop the range of forms, which will be added to over the coming months. These efforts to continuously improve efficient ways of working will ultimately help to bring our office, mobile workers and customers closer together.


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