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Selmeston Auxiliary Transformer (AT) relocation works completed

In 2016, Atkins awarded RJ Power Group Ltd. the project to relocate two existing auxiliary transformers from the raft compound of Selmeston substation to a new bunded shelter outside of the substation compound.

The project commenced in October, with RJ Power Group’s lifting contractor surveying the site and planning a lifting arrangement of auxiliary transformers F3029 & F3030 from Folkington substation. The railway electrical specialist’s HV team could then pull in the 185mm Alumiunium HV cables for both new locations, as well as pulling in the new LV cables for the new location and the earthing cables.

All these new cables were installed to allow for the linking up of the auxiliary transformers from the new bunded area back to the raft HV terminations, the LVAC panel within the substation and earthing the auxiliary transformers back onto the substation earthing. The cables were installed prior to the first weekend of relocation.

The first auxiliary transformer to be relocated was the F3030 on the weekend of 12th and 13th November. The team had to isolate the feeder first before the AT could be disconnected from its existing location. There were issues with isolating this feeder at the start, as faults were found on the day on the OCBs for F3030. They were overcome with RJ Power Group’s experienced Level A Engineers working throughout weekend, minimising any potential delays.

The lifting contractor was successful in relocating the auxiliary transformer to its new location and the HV team completed their terminations to the raft and transformer. The earthing was also terminated and Atkins carried out the LV terminations. The weekend was a success and went to programme, despite the slight delay in the morning.

The following weekend’s works for carrying out the relocation of the auxiliary transformer for Feeder 3029 was a mirror image of the first weekend, completed on 19th and 20th November. This was fully commissioned back into service ahead of programme. RJ Power Group also provided assistance to Atkins with the supply of HV competent operatives in-between the two major weekends, and also after the second weekend, to allow Atkins to carry out its outstanding bunded shelter works – which required a HV competent person.

Atkins was delighted with RJ Power Group’s works in the project, prompting the following praise from Jeet Dhelaria, Project Manager: “Thank you all for your successful commissioning and commitment to the project.”


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