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RJ Power’s Networks bearing fruits of its labour

RJ Power Networks is continuing to support the largest greenhouse complex in the UK and has recently completed the commissioning of the extensive HV and LV infrastructure of the fifth greenhouse.

The Networks team is providing 24/7 operational support to the complex and as part of this service will be delivering non-intrusive equipment and substation services, services that allow regular inspection of HV and DC equipment without power interruptions.

The project forms part of RJ Power Group’s Networks five-year framework to provide maintenance, installation and emergency response for the all the HV and LV Distribution systems.

The greenhouse produces over 30{fb0c7b4e1f5dbe10726c5f24eb233963252ed4e9f09821b1d05e406859263019} of the UK’s salad ingredients each year and RJ Power Networks is helping to maintain the smooth running of the complex power distribution systems which are vital to the successful running of their client’s business.

RJ Power Group is dedicated to its core values and offers a high quality, safe, reliable and competitive service, creating successful collaborations with clients on each and every project.


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