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RJ Power Rail Supports National Skills Academy on Anglia Route

RJ Power’s rail division was commended for its on-going support and involvement in the National Skills Academy for Rail (NSAR), the organisation that was established to enable the rail sector to deliver a modern, efficient and world class railway through the development of a highly skilled and productive workforce. See: https://www.rjpowergroup.co.uk/how-we-work/training-and-development/

RJ Power Group has been supporting the development of talent in a number of different ways, including apprenticeships programmes and through closer ties with local universities to support its graduate talent recruitment programme – you can see some of our grad roles at: https://www.rjpowergroup.co.uk/work-with-us/group/

However, the company received this particular commendation, for its dedicated support to its supply chain partner Volker Fitzpatrick Ltd (VFL).

By working closely with VFL, the rail team at RJ Power has been able to provide regular training updates. This is particularly of note, as it is supply chain relationships that will provide in excess of 50{fb0c7b4e1f5dbe10726c5f24eb233963252ed4e9f09821b1d05e406859263019} of NSAR’s outcomes.

Over the next five years, the National Skills Academy has stated that the rail industry needs around 234,000 new entrants to meet demand. It is therefore RJ Power Group’s intention, to inspire future generations of electrical engineers and continue to raise awareness of both the rail and power network industries, as thriving sectors to work in.


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