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RJ Power Rail Completes Emergency Replacement of an LVAC Panel

RJ Power Rail (RJPR) has successfully installed, tested and commissioned, a replacement LVAC Technivel panel at Streatham substation, on behalf of Network Rail (NR).

The rail team provided an outstanding design and build solution for this emergency LVAC panel replacement project, which came about as a result of a catastrophic failure to NR’s Allen West LVAC panel located in Streatham substation’s A rectifier room, which was being fed by 2No 415V supplies derived from the 33kv network and 1No 415V back up supply from the DNO.

The proposed replacement Technivel LVAC panel was actually a decommissioned panel located in Lewisham substation and due to the serious nature of this failure, RJPR immediately mobilised in order to assess the condition and confirm the suitability of the pre-used Technivel panel. On confirmation, RJPR formed their design and constructability teams and within just 48 hours, met with NR to agree the action plan and commence their Form B E&P design.

The plan was to disconnect and remove the pre-used panel from its original location in Lewisham and install in Streatham substation’s HV switchgear room. Incoming supplies to the LVAC panel were derived from AT516, AT552 and a DNO isolation transformer. Incoming supplies were rated 140kVA, 200A. The new Technivel LVAC panel was rated 300A.

Logistics at both ends were always going to be a challenge for this emergency replacement. By utilising machinery and equipment removal specialists, due to the panel size, weight and shape, RJPR were able to effectively manage the movement of the panel at both ends, with minimal impact on other adjacent stakeholders.

Once the panel was at Streatham, RJ Power Rail’s Testing and Commissioning Engineers took control and commenced the important task of stripping down and testing the panel. After a period of intensive work, it was determined that the panel was in good condition. After the replacement of all BS88 fuses and the tightening of all the busbars the panel was ready to be connected.

The only route for the supply cables from the transformers to the LVAC panel were at high level on an existing ladder tray. With the ground beneath uneven, the erection of GRP scaffolding to allow existing supplies to be removed and new cables to be installed was also challenging. Once in place, the RJPR installation team laid all new cable route to internal areas using ladder tray and then safely installed the heavy duty LV power cables on top of the ladder tray and along the external containment.

RJ Power Rail’s Lead Test and Commissioning Engineer (Peter Jackson) then formulated a complex and multiple staged changeover plan, in order to commission the LVAC panel and de-commission and make safe the existing damaged panel.

We are delighted to announce that all works were completed on time, to an exemplary standard and to the complete satisfaction of the client.


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