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RJ Power Group’s Networks Division builds momentum under newly formed brand

The recent rebranding of RJ Power Group is having a positive effect on the business’s performance.

The company recently underwent a restructuring process and now boasts two divisions: its existing dedicated rail contracting division covering HV Electrification works, DC Traction Power and HV/DC Maintenance – alongside a new complementary power networks contracting division covering Power Distribution works from 400v to 33kV and EHV Transmission works ranging from 66kv to 400kv within the private networks utilities industry.

The business clarity and consistency provided by the re-brand has enabled the newly formed power networks division to develop quickly and this approach is already reaping reward. ‘Networks’ have already secured a number of power frameworks for the maintenance of HV and LV Distribution equipment, on behalf of a number of end users and facilities managers and also have number of other projects in the pipeline.

Planning ahead, both the networks and rail divisions are also building for the future and are not only recruiting new team members (https://www.rjpowergroup.co.uk/work-with-us/), but also preparing to expand their premises with a further location in the South East.

The new brand and change of name from RJ Power Ltd to RJ Power Group Ltd, represents the company’s new direction. This can be clearly seen on its website: https://www.rjpowergroup.co.uk/

RJ Power Group takes great pride in providing outstanding quality to our clients and its website keeps all interested parties up to date with the latest developments as the company continues to grow.



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