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RJ Power Group tests and commissions HV Feeder F1024 at Canterbury

RJ Power Group is pleased to announce the completion of a second HV feeder installation for Network Rail’s (NR) Southern HV Framework Contractor BCM Construction Ltd. (BCM) – known as ‘Package 3 HV Feeder Framework’. This package of works forms part of a contract awarded to the company in February 2015.

The HV feeders included as part of this framework agreement are F1015, F1024 and F623.

Having previously reported its successful commissioning of F1015 earlier this year, RJ Power Group’s specialist rail division has now brought into service the  HV feeder F1024.

The works associated with HV feeder F1024 included:

  • Intrusive initial works surveys
  • Earth testing of substations
  • Oil sampling
  • Cable works
  • Electrical Works
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Recoveries

Feeder 1024 has been particularly challenging for a number of reasons, and therefore required a regular and close interface with NR and UKPN’s Canterbury Grid Engineers.

Cable theft hampered works, as did enforced possession changes due to NR’s maintainer needing to prioritise its access over others, all of which required a collaborative approach between RJ Power Group, BCM and NR. As a result of these changes to RJ Power Group’s agreed programme, the works required careful re-scheduling to ensure that all key stages of the works were re-phased appropriately.

By maintaining good relationships throughout this complex re-phasing of its scope, RJ Power Group was still able to successfully test and commission feeder 1024 into service to meet the client’s expectations.

The teams at BCM and RJ Power Group are moving forward together on a number of HV initiatives, including the final site on ‘Package 3’ and further HV feeder sites as part of their contract works for ‘Package 2’.



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