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RJ Power Group play their part in vital sea wall project

RJ Power Group has completed its part in the Dover sea wall project, which arose on Christmas Eve 2015 when the sea wall and 250 metres of track between Dover Priory and Folkestone Central collapsed. This gave rise to major multi-disciplinary works to the Dover-to-Folkestone line, which were completed in nine months – three months ahead of schedule.

The Group was contracted by BCM Construction Limited – Network Rail’s HV Feeder Framework Contractor – to assist with the supply, management, possession management, site works, installation, testing and commissioning of new high voltage feeder and pilot cables.

As part of the works, we replaced the existing oil-filled cables with new 33KV cabling, renewing pilot cables and installing optical fibre telecommunication cables, which included draining any redundant oil and recovering and safely disposing of old cables.

Our team began the following works in April 2016, successfully testing and commissioning back into service on 4th September:

  • The existing pilot cable is 48 core, so we used two 30-pair joints at each end of the insertion.
  • We refurbished and re-installed x2 oil tanks including new oil leads and recalibrated the associated LOPI (Low Oil Pressure Indicator) switch, installed a hotsplice joint, conducted sheath testing on the HV cables before jointing to hotsplice, completed pressure testing of F1033 after completion of the hotsplice.
  • We completed final testing and commissioning of the HV F1033, successfully bringing it into service on Sunday 4th September.
  • We completed ETE works, section proving and commissioning of the DC back into service on Friday 2nd September.

RJ Power Group completed all works by the first week in September, with no incidents or accidents reported. The project has been the subject of great media and political focus, and the Rail Division of the Group is proud to have played its part in restoring the railway to service well ahead of schedule.


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