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RJ Power Group of Companies holds Safe Driving Seminars

RJ Power Group of Companies, which consists of RJ Power Networks Limited, RJ Power Rail Limited and RJ Power Group Limited is holding a series of safe driving seminars.

As an example, more rail workers are killed travelling to and from site than are killed undertaking work on the rail infrastructure itself. Since 2011, 11 rail workers were killed in road traffic accidents travelling to and from site, whilst 7 people were fatally injured undertaking work on track.

The RJ Power Group of Companies has long recognised that the risk to its drivers is high and in the last year, has introduced a vehicle monitoring system to assess how its vehicles are being driven. In addition, the company has just launched a new Driving Policy and Handbook that provides all sorts of information on safe driving, vehicle maintenance as well as a strategy for improving the fuel efficiency of its road fleet.

To coincide with the launch of this Handbook, all persons who drive for or on behalf of the RJ Power Group of Companies have been invited to attend a Safe Driving Seminar. The first of these were presented on 4th May 2017 and the second is scheduled to take place on 24th May 2017


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