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RJ Power announces exciting expansion Plans

As another year of significant achievement and development for the RJ Power brands draws to a close, we are excited to announce our growth plans for the upcoming year which will support our continued success in delivering the highest standard of collaborative engineering solutions to our diverse client base.

The RJ Power businesses currently consist of RJ Power Rail, RJ Power Networks and RJ Power Connections, all supported by the RJ Power Group offering a range of services including HR, Finance and IT.

In early 2020, our plans include the launch of our new business, RJ Power North which will offer a range of electrical engineering solutions for the North and Midlands areas across the Private Networks, New Connections and Rail workstreams. By opening a northern business with an office base in York, it will allow RJ Power to expand the geographical spread of it’s operation and locate technical and management staff in close proximity to a wider range of work locations, bringing a number of benefits to both the business and our clients. This will allow the business to expand the scope of provision for a number of our existing clients as well as secure contracts with new ones. In addition to this, it will allow us to resource equipment and engineers locally to these areas, which will help to reduce our carbon footprint and also the working and travel times for our South Eastern based teams who currently deliver work in these areas.

We are currently in the process of developing the RJ Power Group website to provide further information about RJ Power North so please check this and our Social Media over the coming month for further updates.

We are also delighted to confirm that we will be opening a London office in the new year, to enhance the sales and operational support to our engineering delivery within the busy capital city. By securing an office space in the heart of the financial and business district of London, we will be able to improve the client experience by offering a greater level of flexibility and responsiveness and an increase in face to face interactions. In addition, it will provide a base for meetings and an area for our engineering teams to utilise during their busy working day and allow a more streamlined process in terms of documentation and report completion.

Over the coming weeks, our website will be updated to provide the address details for our new London office.

The opening of both the RJ Power North business and the London office will provide fantastic opportunities to enhance our current client relationships as well as offer the opportunity to form new ones and continue to grow our business success and exceptional reputation.

Our exciting business plans come hand in hand with the creation of a number of opportunities to come and join our success and experienced team and we currently have vacancies within several of our RJ Power Brands. To find out more about our current vacancies or to submit a CV for upcoming roles, please see the Work with Us section of the RJ Power website.


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