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Rail HV Engineering Team commission into service two HV Feeders simultaneously

RJ Power Group’s rail division has just successfully commissioned two new HV feeders, back to back – the first time that the business has achieved this feat.

One of the feeders was a brand new installation, which connected Gravesend substation to Northfleet substation, and is now called F1691. The second feeder as part of this double commissioning was F1690, which runs from Northfleet substation to Northfleet Grid.

The four-day commissioning was a real test and relied heavily on teamwork and collaboration from, BCM Construction – RJ Power Group’s Principal Contractor – and Network Rail, to ensure that works were delivered harmoniously. This required planning and communication of the highest order leading up to and throughout the five days of commissioning works.

There were a variety of different HV terminations delivered including a hot spliced joint during the four days, alongside the installation of a new 20 pair pilot cable, which needed to be jointed to an existing 48 core pilot cable.

On the last day of commissioning, at the time when feeder 1690 was being put back into service, a fault was located on the Network Rail infrastructure. Working closely with Network Rail, RJ Power Group’s Level A engineering team successfully brought the HV feeder (1690) back into service within the four day window.

Senior Construction Manager, James Cavill, was instrumental in delivering this unique back-to-back HV feeder project. He commented:

“Our in-house Level A capabilities are second to none, which allowed the project to be completed.

“However, it is the ability of our both our project management and site engineering teams to collaborate with our clients that makes the difference – we are always looking for new and improved ways to deliver our work and this project is another example.”


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