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Principal Contractors Licence Audit Successfully Completed By RJ Power Rail Limited

As a full holder of a Principal Contractors (PC) Licence, RJ Power Rail Limited has to continually assure Network Rail (NR), that it is maintaining the appropriate and robust Health, Safety, Quality and Environment (HSQE) management systems to effectively discharge its duties under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015.

As a result of this requirement, RJ Power Rail’s team has to demonstrate annually its continued assurance and ongoing suitability to effectively discharge its duties as a PC.

NR team’s core remit is as follows:

  • Assure that an organisation has the necessary HSQE management systems in place to discharge its duties effectively as a PC by way of audit.
  • Confirm the effective application of management systems during a live construction phase where the organisation is acting in the capacity of PC.
  • Confirm the effective application of management systems through continued intervention at the point of highest risk, with a programme of on-site audits during the construction phase.
  • Undertake an annual risk assessment and assurance questionnaire to form an opinion on the risk, capability and culture of an organisation.
  • Monitor and assess various sources of management information, publications and other reports or notifications for issues that may positively or negatively impact an organisation.
  • Ensure that any changes do not affect an organisation’s ability to discharge its duties.

As part of this compliance criteria and the ongoing collaboration between Network Rail and RJ Power Rail relating to its Principal Contracting duties, RJ Power Rail is pleased to announce that after a successful audit by a Network Rail Assurance Specialist, its PC License has been extended for another year.

The site team led by Kevin Bridger and accompanied by Simon Gregory, were specifically commended by the auditor for both recognising the fatigue stress caused by night shift working and the outstanding quality of the Lifting Risk Assessment form.

The Network Rail Assurance Specialist commented that:

RJ Power Rail had adequately planned and was managing the safe implementation of the shift activities witnessed at Eastleigh in compliance with its responsibilities as a Principal Contractor (PC) for Network Rail.


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